Colectivo Ceilo Tierra

~ a blue green sandbox for creative ideas, innovative design and practicable real-world implementation


Greetings! We are a diasporic team of technologists, permaculturists, entrepeneurs and community developers;

(an exceptional blend of cynics, healers, programmers and business angels!)

Simply, we are folks wishing to live and work cooperatively towards sustainable acquisions, restorative farming operations, collective regenerative landscape management and afforestion across the wider Andalusia region of southern Spain.

"Collaboration lies at the heart of productivity and innovation, especially when teams are spread across different locations."

CeiloTierra is situated within Las Alpujarras, in the province of Granada. Located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains at altitudes above 1000 metres.

*** Please Note: This is a mountainous landscape in a rural location & may NOT be easily accessible for everyone!

Are YOU interested in improving, sustaining and shaping a brighter future for all?

In April 2019, the project entered its early beta phase.

Contributions, support and voluntary donations are most welcome.

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"from our inception, CeiloTierra has selected to utilise only open-source, libre software and operating systems. We believe promoting this ideology makes us more powerful, equitable, and free. We continue to develop this practice with all interested parties."

Who we are:


- enabler/developer

sandbox site

- land provider & owner

Las Alpujarras

- a local subnode of FairCoop


- technological support & online community assistance

What we're working on