Colectivo Ceilo Tierra

~ a blue green sandbox for creative ideas, innovative design and practicable 'real-world' implementation


Greetings! We are a diasporic collective of solarpunks and anarcho-primitivists.

Seeking to establish a collaborative team of technologists, permaculturists and community developers;

Folks, wishing to cooperatively work towards, acquiring, operating and developing a parcel of land in Las Alpujarras..

"Collaboration lies at the heart of productivity and innovation, especially when teams are spread across different locations."

This project is situated in the Andalusia region of southern Spain, at an altitude of 1200m approx.

*** Please Note: This is a mountainous landscape in a rural location & may NOT be easily accessible for everyone!

Are YOU interested in improving, sustaining and shaping a brighter future for all?

Currently we are exploring the role that peer-to-peer (p2p) networks and protocols might play, in making this conceptual design, manifest into physical form.

Contributions are welcomed. We accept Faircoin: fN8EdGqVLH95jNVi7DinVaJi24R1FWXrcr also fiat currencies too!

Please Share! #BlueGreenSandbox

UPDATE: On 2.10.18 it was formally agreed by all mutual parties that:

CeiloTierra be structured and commissioned as the temporary custodian of Finca La Chaparraiso

* This agreement is provisional for a 6 (six) month period, commencing 15.10.18.

* During this period, the land will be occupied and operated as an opensource project in active realtime development.

* Project works will be undertaken by consentual agreement and evidence will be available to all interested parties.

* An evaluation of the feasibility for acquision and continued management of the finca will be undertaken during Autumn/Winter 2018 and presented in April 2018.


We aim to evidence and prove that, together we are more powerful, equitable, and fun!

Who we are


- enabler/developer

Finca La Chaparraiso

- land provider & current owner

Las Alpujarras

- a local subnode of FairCoop


- tech support & assistance

What we're working on